The First short-term joint staff training event had 4 days and took place in Kochani, N. Macedonia between 31.05 and 4.06.2021.
The main goal of this event was to adopt free online available Virtual reality education materials for use by trained teachers in their school classes.
Agenda was as follows:
– IT equipment for implementation of the Virtual reality education tools (complete theoretical and practical approach and state of the art technology as well as foreseen scenarios in the future estimated development of hardware and software).
– Presentation of free online available VR education tools suitable for implementation in secondary school classes.
– Creation of Preparation notes for organisation of 45 minute classes for each school subject by using of free online available VR education tool. Note: Team-work of secondary school teachers (divided in transnational teams in accordance with similarity of their school subject) in adoption of the existing VR education tools in common topics (lessons) for creation of own education methodology for teaching of their secondary school students.
– Presentation of achieved results in front of Steering Committee members by members of Mixed Teachers’ teams as well as by Members of Project Team for development of Strategic Action Plan.