The fourth Multiplier event as a Final Conference and a National dissemination event will be held in Ludbreg, Croatia in October 2022. The purpose of this conference is dissemination of the VR learning module, the Guidelines for secondary school teachers “How to implement free online available Virtual Reality software in everyday classes” and Strategic Action plan for transnational partnership in development of educational process in Kochani, Limassol, Pazardzhik and Ludbreg by using of innovative ICT based methods and best practices.

The responsible organisation for the event will be Lunar because it will develop the VR learning module and Guidelines and will have an active role in the implementation of the project activities during the entire duration of the project. Also, Lunar will present Intellectual Outputs related to VR module to relevant stakeholders together with teachers and students. Experts from Lunar will explain the VR education module (how it works, needed equipment, how VR technology can be used in schools), while teacher and students who will be directly involved will share their experience during long term teaching assignments and will present advantages of using VR technology in schools.

The presentation of other Intellectual Outputs will be done by involved and responsible project partners and achievements will be presented by teachers and best students team that were directly involved in the project activities. They will present their experiences and benefit of using new innovative and educational approach based on VR, during the project activities.

Dissemination materials will be shared among the participant in order participant to get better picture about all project activities and results.