The second short-term joint staff training event took part in Ludbreg, Croatia between 21-25 June 2020.
The main goal of this event was to adopt new created Virtual reality education module for use by trained teachers in the frame of transnational students competitive event.
Agenda was as follows:
– Training of using of eTwinning module for establishing of networking among the secondary school teachers (including detailed guidelines how the project activities will be implemented as an eTwinning project).
– Virtual reality education module (software background, using and system administration) for transnational competitive event of secondary students team.
– Introduction in necessary teachers input in Development of scenarios (tasks, puzzles Question and answers) in VR education module related with their school subjects for transnational competitive event of secondary students’ teams.
– Presentation of achieved results in front of Steering Committee members by members of Mixed Teachers’ teams as well as by Members of Project Team for development of Strategic Action Plan.