The Fourth short-term joint staff training event was combined with the Short-term exchange of groups of pupils and took place in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria between the 10th of June and 15th of June, 2022.

Students, members of the winner teams from North Macedonia, and Croatia visited Bulgaria and together with their teachers mentors as well as students members of the winner team from Bulgaria with its mentor, were the participants of the short-term exchange of groups of pupil activity.

The main aim of this event was to allow transnational cooperation among students from all project countries. A special promotional event as a small-scale competition of best student’s teams was organised on such a manner that besides tasks related with school subjects the additional tasks were placed in existing VR education module database which were related with general information about other countries (Statistical data, National holidays, main historical, cultural and traditional characteristics etc.) Students got improved social skills and additional acknowledgement about other project countries and transnational character of the project was also promoted.

The Agenda of this event was as follows:

  • Exchange of students experience from participation in long-term teaching assignment event, establishing of the 3 (three) transnational students teams (one member from each country in each transnational team).
  • Preparation of students teams under mentoring process of students mentors and IT expert for promotional competitive event
  • Students participation in school classes in secondary school in Pazardzhik
  • Promotional event of new developed VR based educational tool (small scale competition of transnational student’s teams).

Also, within the Short-term training event, teachers-mentors of students had to present experience from the long-term teaching assignment in front of Steering Committee members, and had to organize a practical work of mentors and IT expert with mixed transnational students teams in preparation of the small scale promotional event, to finalise eTwinning project with submitting of the request for EU Quality Label, and to finalise strategic Action plan for future transnational cooperation that would be presented at the National Dissemination events.